Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Do you have an easy cookie recipe?

The easiest cookie recipe I know requires only two ingredients: a bag of chocolate chips and a can of chow mein noodles. Following package directions, melt the chips in a big bowl in the microwave. When chocolate is completely melted, quickly stir in the noodles until thoroughly mixed. Drop spoonfuls of the mixture into small heaps on waxed paper and allow them to cool. These confections may look a little strange but they taste great.

Some variations: try using other types of chips, such as butterscotch or white chocolate or peanut butter. To make a Christmas version, use white chocolate, and after you drop the mixture onto the waxed paper, sprinkle them with red and green sparkle candy (available in the baking aisle of your grocery store.) Move quickly, however, because the candies won't stick to the chocolate once it has hardened. Enjoy!

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