Friday, April 4, 2008

Household Chat with Rachel Hauck

Today I'm interviewing Rachel Hauck, who is is a multi-published author living in Central Florida. Her current release is Sweet Caroline from Thomas Nelson.

Q – Rachel, what's your biggest housekeeping challenge?
A - Papers!! I just don't know what to do with papers or things I want to keep around for awhile. If I "file" them away, I forget about them. I also struggle with what to do with books. Otherwise, I'm neat and clean, but with neat stacks of papers and magazines on my desk.

Q – How does your housekeeping style compare to that of your parents when they were your age?
A - I'm very similar to my mom. I personally believe most of us emulate the environment we grew up in. If our parents were messy, we struggle with being messy. My mom was neat and organized and clean. So much of my home reflects her and the home she created for us. She used to turn on music to clean the house. I've not done that in awhile and think I might do that again.

Thanks so much, Rachel! Readers, check back soon for another exciting interview.

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