Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Does it Work?

Occasionally, I see an interesting tip from a legitmate source that I am tempted to post here. Still, I'm hesitant to suggest anything that I haven't first tried out myself. Today I spotted such a tip in Budget Travel Magazine, one that sounds too good to be true. I can't see how trying this might cause any harm (unlike certain stain-removal techniques, for example) so I am posting it here without testing first. If anyone tries this, please let us know if it actually worked!

According to a travel tip in Budget Travel, when you've been at the beach and are ready to get in your car, if you sprinkle your feet with baby powder, all of the clinging sand will fall off.

Anyone ever done this? DId it work? If I get to a beach before I see any responses, I'll be sure to try it myself and post the results here. (Though considering that it's November and I'm in Pennsylvania, I don't know how soon that's going to happen.)

Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Yes it does! My sister first told me about it and we've used it ever since. Cornstarch works fine too. It absorbs the water from the mess leaving the sand to be easily brushed away.

Mamabug said...

Oh, yeah! We use cornstarch after playing in our sandbox. It gets messy (dusty) but you can rinse off the cornstarch with the hose or wash in the sink. At the beach we just use an old towel after we use the cornstarch.