Sunday, October 5, 2008

Help! My batteries corroded in my calculator and now it won't work!

Page 215 from The Trouble with Tulip recommends using fine sandpaper or an emery board to scrape off the corrosion and then wipe out the inside of the battery compartment with a dry paper towel. Beware, if the corrosion is significant, you may not be able to save the appliance.


Anonymous said...

I tried this during Hurricane Ike--with a small tv I have. It worked. I also used alcohol to clean off the corrosion - the emory board got the rough spots. This little TV is 20 years old. I have no idea how long the batteries were in it but thankfully, we were able to tune in to some news when we lost electricity. :)

Love you books and your tips! We met at conference in Dallas; shared a dinner table. Your little Shout package got a stain out of my blouse. :)

Jessica P said...

Totally worked for me. I broke off a bit of a cheapie nail file to get into the small spaces of my scientific calculator. So excited. Thank you!