Friday, August 17, 2007

Any travel tips for a bad back?

Yes! I have been struggling with this myself lately. Beyond the obvious suggestions (back-friendly pillows and pads, gentle stretches, heat and ice, etc.), I have also come up with one more idea: When you check into a hotel, set up the ironing board out of the way, along a wall, and think of it as a table. This gives you a surface that is likely higher than the counters and other tables in the room. Use it for any sort of "standing" activity such as sorting your purse, writing a quick note, picking out your jewelry, or whatever. Some of my worst back problems come when I'm doing a quick, mindless task on a tabletop, bending just a little farther than my body would like for me to. The ironing-board-as-table idea helps prevent this from happening.


Cutie pookie said...

Dear Miss Mindy,
I have a tip for your blog. Did you know that if you have oily hair, you can rub baby-powder into your hair until you can see, then it absorbes the oil and leaves your hair smelling fresh.

Cool to righte to ya!
- Oily-Preteen

Cutie pookie said...

Ok, Miss mindy,
For a bad back, I would suggest drinking lots of water, for that can lub. your sistum. If that doesn't work, then try streaching befroe bead and you will wake up refreashed. I hope this solves your problem!

- Oily Preteen