Saturday, May 24, 2008

What Can I Do with Styrofoam Packing Noodles?

Those darn noodles, they're a pain from the get-go. They hide whatever items are in the box they came in, they stick to things with the slightest hint of static cling, and because they're made of styrofoam, they ought to be re-used somehow (preferably again and again) before heading to a landfill.

I'm not sure what you should do if you have collected bags and bags of these things. But the next time you give yourself a pedicure, here's a use for a handfull: Put one between each of your toes. The noodles will keep your toes from touching as the polish dries, giving you a perfect finish every time!


Sarah said...

If you garden, they are great in the bottom quarter to half (depending on size) of flower pots because you use up room and they are light! A great alternative to rocks and dirt which can get really heavy.

Anonymous said...

I take bags of packing noodles to my local UPS/FedX store, where they re-use them. Call first to be sure your local store will accep them.