Friday, January 11, 2008

How do I get grape-flavored medicine spots out of my carpet?

Hmmm... If it were me, I would call the toll free number that's probably listed on the medicine bottle and see if they have a suggestion! I'm always amazed at how many questions they're prepared to answer.

If that doesn't work, then follow the general rule of thumb for carpet stain removal: Start with the most gentle approach and work your way toward the more risky until something works. Of course, the nicer, newer, or more expensive carpet it is, the less risky you want to be! (In the past, if a stain is relatively small, I have stopped after the second level of treatment, gotten down on the floor with a pair of scissors, and snipped out the stained fibers instead.)

Anyway, according to one of my favorite resources, the book 2001 Amazing Cleaning Secrets by Jeff Bredenberg, you should attack carpet stains in this order:

1. Water or club soda
2. Mild soap and water
3. Ammonia and water OR Vinegar and water
4. Peroxide
5. Alcohol

Let us know how it works out!

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